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From large successful businesses to some of the most highly-recognized ad firms and brands, I (Jared Kessler) have a 9-year track record of growing sales with the written word. Using creative copy solutions to solve customer problems.

  • “Jared is one of those Copywriters that you can go to with just about anything. Long copy. Short copy. Conceptual ideas. He’ll get it all done by taking the initiative required to figure out the best way to end up with solutions clients love. That’s not to mention the guy is genuinely great to be around.”

    Matt Gilmore

    Associate Creative Director

    “Jared naturally set a very high standard for attention to detail and follow up, and also did great work contributing where there were creative leadership opportunities in our campaign. Great to work with Jared – would recommend to anyone looking for senior copywriting.”

    Marisa Fulmer

    Project Manager

    “Kick Ass, indeed. Jared is a bubbling cauldron of positive energy and enthusiasm. He brainstorms brilliant concepts and then figures the best strategy to implement them into action. He’s a straight shooter who gets things done on-time and correctly. Jared is motivated to help his clients succeed. He’s a great advocate to have on your side”

    Dave Waite


  • “Jared is a talented writer who listens to the client’s needs, producing work that clearly reflects objectives of each project. I was not only impressed by his ability to turn complex content into concise messages but also appreciated his ‘ready for anything’ attitude. Jared picked up new projects quickly, and worked well under pressure. It’s a pleasure to recommend Jared for future positions.”

    Mia Campbell

    Account Representative

    “Jared brings energetic, inquisitive dedication to the task. As we’ve worked together on a range of consumer and B2B work, he has always embraced each assignment, worked well with others, delivered on time, and presented well and confidently in front of clients.”

    John Liebenthal

    Associate Creative Director
    Wunderman Seattle

    “Thank you Jared for your excellent presentation on how to write copy in different brand voices. It’s hard enough to write good copy, but expressing the unique characteristics of the company personality requires an even higher order of copy expertise. Your experience and background doing just this were a real asset to the class learning experience.”

    Carol Schiller

    Adjunct Professor
    University of Washington

  • “I’ve worked with Jared on a number of different client projects and have found him to be energetic, clever, resourceful and willing to dive right into the deep end of the pool. He shows up motivated, interested, and best of all, willing to work through ideas to get the idea to the finish line.”

    Scott Zorn

    Direct Resources Group

    “Jared is a charming, clever and detail oriented writer–who always puts his best voice forward. I’d recommend Jared for any project needing a fresh approach. If you get the chance to work with him, don’t hesitate!”

    Lee Shaw

    Art Director

    “I worked with Jared on an incredibly intense website project with many moving parts and pieces that were constantly in flux. The site was not only huge with many pages and variations on those pages, but we had to duplicate it and re-skin it for other departments, which required entirely new copy. Jared was not only an excellent writer, but he was able to keep track of it all during the entire process.”

    Lindsey Miller

    Project Manager
    Garrigan Lyman Group